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Greetings. Adam and Melissa Hoffman are servants with the Frontier Ventures currently assigned to the Perspectives Study Program.

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Core Statements

Frontier Ventures Vision: Movements to Jesus expressing the fullness of the Kingdom of God within every people

Frontier Ventures Mission: we are a protestant religious order , organized as a global network of covenant members working with pioneering leaders and organizations to initiate and accelerate breakthroughs of the Gospel within unreached people groups.

We do this by forming and transforming People, discovering and disseminating Ideas, incubating and multiplying Prototypes, Programs, and Projects.

Hoffman Family Mission statement: "To open people's eyes to what God is doing in the world and how they can strategically be involved in reaching the unreached."

Perspectives Vision:
The body of Christ awakened to pursue the fulfillment of God's global purpose within every people for His glory.

Perspectives Mission: To mobilize by educating the Body of Christ in the USA to strategic engagement in God's global purpose.

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