{Hoffman Holla' 2017-4} Regional Gathering

Regional Gathering April 21-23

April 21-23 was a highlight of our year- we hosted our first face-to-face regional team gathering. We hosted 13 of our 15 regional team members in Dahlonga, GA. Our primary goals were team building and to show appreciation to these volunteers. For many on the team it was the first time they had met each other. The face-to-face time was great for building relationships. We have a really fun team and it was a joy to spend the weekend together.

From a ministry perspective, our time focused on vision casting and alignment. We started off the weekend reviewing Perspective's vision and mission and praying together. The rest of our time was spent on each of Perspectives value statements and how our region is currently living out those values. It was exciting to hear from our team and how they are leading out and being innovative in pushing Perspectives forward. We all left with a renewed commitment to our mobilization roles, a sense of togetherness as a team, and some great ideas on how we can do our jobs better.

Teaching Lesson 15

This month we had the opportunity to teach lesson 15 which is the last lesson of the Perspectives Course. This is the lesson that wraps up all the content and asks "what now?". This is one of our favorite lessons to teach because it is full of mobilization. In our teaching we focus the first half of the lesson reviewing and helping the students see that God has already prepared them to be a part of His global purposes. The rest of the time is spent exploring practical ways that students can get involved in missions such as supporting mission agencies, reaching out to internationals, church planting among the unreached, praying and using the skills they already have to assist the mission enterprise.

Here's a sneak peek: One idea we talk about in this lesson is reaching out to the foreigner among us. God seems to be bringing opportunities to share the gospel with the unreached all around us, for some of us its right next door. International students, Immigrants, Refugees are all categories of people coming to the U.S. and we have the opportunity to love them! What could your family do to reach out to the foreigners in your community? Invite an international student over for dinner? Make a point of befriending a coworker who just moved here? Talk to a new mom at the local park? Leveticus 19:34 says "The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love them as yourself, for you were foreigners in Egypt. I am the Lord your God." If you want to chat more about how you could get more involved send us a message, we would love to talk with about getting involved!

We Finished Kindergarten!!

It might sound strange to say "we" but it really was a family effort! Going in to this year we had a "well lets just try and see" kind of attitude towards homeschooling and now I can honestly say we all love it. It was a great decision for our family and for Noriah. She has learned so much this past year and we are so proud of her hard work and perseverance. We finished out our year with a dance party, tie-dye shirts, steak, and a fun trip to the trampoline park. We are all looking forward to a nice break for the summer and starting 1st grade in the fall.

For His Glory in All the Earth!

Adam & Melissa Hoffman

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for our regional team as we continue to process all that we talked about at our gathering and begin to shape the information into practical goals.
  • Pray for our fall classes that are in the beginning stages of recruiting and promotion
  • Pray for our adoption process

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