{Hoffman Holla' 2019-11} Season of Leader Meetings

Season of Leader Meetings

I don't know about your work, but meetings have a bad reputation for being unproductive, boring and downright dreadful.

Not the type of meeting you want to have.

However, in our work of prophetic mobilization-discipleship, time with others (meetings) is how we catalyze the work forward. As leaders in this movement, we invest our time with others asking that they replicate a vision among the extending circles of influence across the Southeast.

Therefore Meetings aren't a drudgery to go through, but a core factor in our fruitfulness and success. Successful and effective meetings produce succesful and effective ministry results.

The majority of our meetings are virtual (hooray for technology), whether one-on-one meetings or group meetings. Thus getting face-to-face time with people across a distance is a joy and enhances our ability to communicate about vision, alignment and strategic objectives.

The late October to early November season typically brings about multiple weeks of travel as we meet face-to-face with our leadership teams.

Our Perspectives USA Leadership Team gathered in Estes Park, CO for a week to continue new organizational direction. Frontier Ventures Eastern Regional Gathering and then Board meetings were held in Wiiliamsburg, VA

Ministry Funding

As the end of the year comes, many individuals will be looking for fruitful ministry through which to make Kingdom investments. The book of Philippians describes the partnership in the gospel (financially and otherwise) the church of Philippi had with the Apostle Paul. At the Williamsburg gathering, we dug deeply into the book of Philippians seeing Paul's primary concern in this partnership. Read it yourself with that lens for an enriching time with God.

Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that increases to your credit.
Phil. 4:17

As we come to the end of calendar year 2019, consider a special gift to Frontier Ventures to fund this ministry. We are currently @ 77% of our funding goal, needing ~$20,000 in additional donations to be fully funded for 2020.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the immediate changes coming with initiatives we've agreed on and new directions we are moving toward.
  • Pray for the support raising process to call people to Great Commission participation by investing in mobilization via Perspectives. Pray Paul's prayer that generosity is an outflow of discipleship for people.
  • Pray for vision and discernment in our Board role. Next face-to-face meetings will be in the Spring.
  • Pray for our Perspectives role in stewarding a mobilization movement. We have 16 Fall classes and 26 Spring classes in process across our nine states.
  • Pray for our family, with discipling our children and serving our community.

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