{Hoffman Holla' 2019-9} Is Perspectives Effective?

What is the fruit of Perspectives

Non-profit organizations conduct a lot of activity. Its easy to be busy without looking deep to see if the objectives are being accomplished.

This quarter I (Adam) have been participating in Mission Triangle's Performance Measurement seminars - a look at discovering if our activities are leading to the change we want to see.

The seminars have focused on identifying vision, mission, output, outcomes and impact.

The outputs of Perspectives are easy to quantify - they are the immediate results of our program. Perspectives averages 9,000 students annually across ~230 classes.

These are important, especially towards internal goals. But again, these numbers are only significant if we can demonstrate that our program is producing results. If 300 million people take a pill daily that has no health value, we would call into question why all those people see value in engaging in that activity. That same thought applies to Perspectives (and non-profits in general). The increase of outputs is only signifiant if the outcomes are producing results.

What are the outcomes of Perspectives?

Outcomes should tie directly with the organization mission statement (Perspectives):

To mobilize by educating the Body of Christ in the USA to strategic engagement in God's global purpose

Perspectives has researched and traced some of the outcomes of our class. In defining strategic engagement we've often used praying, mobilizing, sending, welcoming and going as key indicators.

Beyond just a missions class, Perspectives is discipleship in the character and purpose of God.
We've seen these discipleship indicators measured in increased understanding of concepts (94% of alumni report having an understanding of the Great Commission; American Christianity is at 17%).

We've seen increases in these five indicators from the baseline of their entry of the program to after taking Perspectives:

The other outcome we've measured is how many frontier mission field workers are Perspectives alumni:

What is the impact of Perspectives?

Perspectives Vision Statement: To see the Body of Christ awakened to pursue the fulfillment of God's global purpose within all people for His glory

Support Update

Recently we had seen an uptick in our support percentage. Our support raising efforts have continued. Our salary scale is based on need (family size) instead of tenure or position. Therefore with Micah's arrival, we have an increased amount to raise. Our support goal increased so we are pursuing additional gifts to fund our new financial goal. We are now at 77% funded. We'll continue praying for God to ask people to partner with us through prayer, advocacy and finances.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Perspectives to continue to widen and deepen our outcomes and impact. Pray with us in the vision statement of Perspectives to come to fruition.
  • Pray for the support raising process to call people to Great Commission participation by investing in mobilization via Perspectives.
  • Pray for engagement with the FV Board. Pray for clarity in vision, strategic thinking, longterm growth and graceful interactions.
  • Pray for our Perspectives role in stewarding a mobilization movement. We are honored to serve this volunteer network through the nine state region.
  • Pray for our family, our son' acclimation to our family and homeschooling our daughter.

Recieve our updates.