{Hoffman Holla' 2020-2} Announcing a Transition for Melissa

Announcing a Transition for Melissa

For the last 5 years, Adam and I (Melissa) have worked together as Regional Directors. People often laugh about how hard that must be, but we honestly love it. We have worked together for most of our ministry career. However, with homeschooling my work time is limited, but I still wanted to serve Perspectives in an active and beneficial way. I am thankful that James Mason, our national director, invited me to consider a role with the Training Team. One of my favorite parts of being an RD was training coordinators at the PCWs (Perspectives Coordinator Workshops). This Training team will be responsible for creating and implementing a vision for training all our people within Perspectives: our staff, RDs, and our volunteer coordinators.

We are thankful that God has once again opened up a position that is a great fit for me. I have really enjoyed all I have done so far. There are two main projects that I am responsible for: 1. A research project looking at how well we are currently training our coordinators that will lead to a training revision project and 2. An Internal training on the Perspectives Vision, Mission and Values. I never thought I would be so excited to do research, but it has been wonderful. I love working alongside the other Regional Directors and seeking out the best ways we can train and serve our coordinators. I haven't started on the second project yet but I am sure it will come with many joys as well.

Thank you for all your prayers along the way. We are excited to see what God has ahead. Please continue to pray for us and the work God has put before us.

Called Together: Perspectives Newsletter

In January we were featured in Perspectives' alumni spot light. You can read our Perspectives Story here (http://tracking.perspectives.email/view?msgid=tWStbhFpGBTpvltRlKffqA2)

We pray our Perspectives journey, story and experience motivates others to participate in Perspectives, thus finding increased alignment with the character and purposes of God.

Support Update

Here is our current support status (updated 2/10/20) We are praying for an increase in support for 2020. As of now we are 76% funded.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Melissa's transition to her new role: favor with the team, wisdom and discernment in her decisions.
  • Pray for the support raising process to call people to Great Commission participation by investing in mobilization via Perspectives. Pray Paul's prayer that generosity is an outflow of discipleship for people.
  • Pray for vision and discernment in our Board role. Next face-to-face meetings will be in April.
  • Pray for our Perspectives role in stewarding a mobilization movement. We have 23 Spring 2020 classes.
  • Pray for our family, with discipling our children and serving our community.

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