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God has a "world-sized" role for every Christian in His global purpose. Whether people go to distant countries or stay at home is a secondary issue. The primary issue is what most people are hungry to discover: vision to live a life of purpose. Discovering that vision makes this course valuable, and perhaps crucial, for any Christian.


Perspectives is a fifteen week course designed around four vantage points or "perspectives" — Biblical, Historical, Cultural and Strategic. Each one highlights different aspects of God's global purpose.

The Biblical and Historical sections reveal why our confidence is based on the historic fact of God's relentless work from the dawn of history until this day.

The Cultural and Strategic sections underscore that we are in the midst of a costly, but very "do-able" task, confirming the Biblical and Historical hope.


As Executive Mobilization Officer, Adam contributes to the total organizational strategy for the mobilization by education program Perspectives. He is works with the Regional Directors to the East of the Mississippi to inspire mobilization movements within our communities to the East of the Mississippi.

Melissa is a part of the training team developing strategies for growing our leaders.

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