{Hoffman Holla' 2020-4} The Heart Behind the Matter

Life Change Doesn't Get Old

"I had never seen myself as one on mission with God. I had known that I was blessed to be a blessing but had not used it in the ways I see it can be used. I read His Word now thinking 'what do i learn about God and His purpose'. I live now with a sense of urgency and in awe of our God; I've always had passion for mission trips but now I am looking (still passionately) with a different perspective. This course is a must for all believers!!"

"Perspectives helped me answer 'why?'. Fully diving into and learning about God's purpose for each and every one of us was truly inspirational and helped me better understand His mission for each one of us."

"Prior to Perspectives, I never thought about world missions as something that all Christians are called to in being a part of the Great Commission. Perspectives has been a compelling event in calling me to participate, not necessarily as a long-term oversees missionary, but in some role to extend the gospel to unreached people groups. I never thought much about sharing the gospel with Muslims, now I look forward to seeing how God can use me to reach them, perhaps in a 'Welcoming' role."

Biblical Section Personal Response

"Every Monday night as I drive home to my four young boys and my husband, I am filled with so much energy I think I might burst. I leave a memo for a couple of my friends from college about what I learned and they have said they are looking forward to Mondays as much as I am. The course is very appropriately named because after listening to these missionaries and pastors and reading the articles for the week my perspective is truly different. There is a freedom in my heart and mind that I don't have to be under the weight of that all these things around me that take so much of my energy. So much of my focus hasn't been on the eternal but the temporary and it's been draining the life out of me!

My purpose is simple: share the gospel with the authority Christ gave me. The Kingdom of God is here! It's in my heart and mind. It can be fleshed out in my home, my marriage, my mothering and my ministry. The mandate to share the gospel with the nations can start with my neighbor next door, the lady I meet at the park or the grocery clerk putting bags in my trunk. I feel like less of an exhausted victim and more like a woman on a mission: HIS mission. The comforts that cause so much anxiety to obtain and then maintain should not be my focus. I already knew that serving Jesus was always what brought me the most joy but now I see this in a clearer way. Satan has been defeated. I am still in battles till everything gets wrapped up but I've been given everything I need for those battles through the strength of Christ. I feel so excited. Like I learned a secret. The secret to true joy and peace. But it never was a secret! It is so clear from Genesis to Revelation our mandate to be salt and light but now I see it with new eyes. The problem before was that I knew with my head that to live a life totally on mission for Christ was what I should do. But hearing this lived out from these speakers and getting a deeper theological grasp from the texts has fleshed this out in such a way that now my heart has caught on and I truly feel changed. I see things differently. I have a new perspective. It doesn't feel like a burden, yet another thing to add to my endless to do list. It feels like THE to-do list. It feels like a privilege and an adventure. I'm so grateful for this class. I wish everyone could take it and I will treasure this book for many years to come."

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